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Paul Testa's GC Galant recently ran 8.59s @ 157 mph at Sydney Dragway making it the fastest 2.6 litre Astron engined drag car in the country.

The four cylinder 2.6 litre engine runs an injected turbo setup. The transmission is a C4 automatic with a trans brake and manual shift. The differential is a Ford 9inch unit with disc brakes.

It runs a HKS T51R turbocharger sitting on one of Paul’s custom exhaust manifolds. The inlet manifold and plenum are also his design and manufacture. The engine is controlled by a Microtech ECU all installed and wired by Paul.

The Galant was featured in Extreme Magazine way back in September of 2006 but has continued to evolve since then.

The next step in the Galantís development is the installation of a custom billet cylinder head. Designed by Paul, the CNC machined billet head has a host of improvements. It has 30% more flow than the Galantís previous heavily modified head.
A hard launch on the way to another 8 second pass.
The Galant’s engine bay; all work on the Galant is carried out in-house by Paul.